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Professional Pilot Training Center

JC Air Academy is a high quality international flight training center.

‌We have developed our own high level standard operational procedures and syllabus for all certificates that we have, and these were developed as a result of our many years of training and experience, and not taken from pre-existing programs as most other schools do.

They are all FAA Part 141 approved and follow the strict guidelines of FAA.

JC Air Academy is accredited by: 

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) - FAR Part 141
Certification Number: 7JCS903K

Approved Courses:
    - Private Pilot Course
    - Instrument Rating Course
    - Commercial Pilot Course
    - Special Preparation Course - King Air C-90
    - Pilot Ground School Course - ATP

U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE)
Student and Visitors Exchange Program (SEVP),
M-Visa issuance

Safety , Quality, Care


We believe that safety is the most important value in the aviation industry. JC Air Academy will never compromise safety for any reason, including for cost reduction. Safety comes from the attitudes of our individuals at JC Air Academy, including all the administration and staff, and this is passed on to the students through their experiences and training here at JC Air Academy. With our focus on safety, we conduct rigorous training that produces professional pilots who can take charge of commercial craft safely, including those carrying passengers and cargo. Also, we do our best to maintain our aircraft in top condition. JC Air academy's personnel, training software, hardware, and the overall environment are focused and designed for overall safe operations at all levels. Not only do we want our students to succeed, but we want them to take with them the knowledge and ability to recognize and respond to conditions that may be dangerous, in as safe a manner as possible. We understand the value of safety, and the demand that the airline industry has for it


We are proud of the quality of our training. We are especially proud of the quality of our Ab-Initio professional airline pilot training program. Our core training staff have a tremendous amount of experience in flight training and have produced professional pilots for several major international airlines for decades. As professionals in the fields of education and pilot training we have an educated and pragmatic understanding of what must be achieved for professional airline pilots during the initial pilot training stages and upward towards the transition into airline operations, including jet engine aircraft. Our personnel, training software, hardware, and the overall training environment are created and maintained not only for safety, but also for producing the highest quality of flight training for all students.


Motivated students accomplish more; motivated instructors teach better; motivated mechanical technicians pay more attention to detail and keep aircraft operating safely. Our values of safety and quality are possible through the quality work and dedication of our employees and a healthy learning environment we produce for them and our students. Our administrators come to the school with a professional approach to education because of their training and experiences in higher education. Not only do we have those with training and experience in aviation, but many of our managers have training in professional management, including the latest in organizational development and behavior. We treat our employees and students with the respect and dignity they deserve. Each employee and student is seen as a valuable asset and because of our respect for them, the training that comes from the instructors comes from care, and the learning from the students comes from the support and motivation provided by the school. We strive for safety, quality and success through the care and respect we extend to all involved with the school. We are professional educators.

But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
    they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Isaiah 40:31